Municipal Support

Annual County Recycling Report

Each Pennsylvania county must submit an annual recycling report to the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by April 1. The DEP compiles a statewide recycling report, which is presented to the legislature; the legislature, in turn, uses the data to set environmental policy and direction for the Commonwealth.

Each municipality, both mandated and non-mandated, must complete an annual recycling report and return it to Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling by mid-February.

Municipal Report Form: Annual Recycling Report for Calendar Year 2015

Commercial, Institution, or Hauler Report Forms

FM-11 – Commercial/Municipal/Institution Report Form: for use by industrial or commercial businesses or institutions to report recyclables to municipality or county

FM-12 – Hauler/Transporter Form: for use by hauler or transporter with more than one customer or location

FM-13 – County-wide Report Form: for use by hauler or processor serving multiple customers within a county

DEP News Updates

Certain "home-based" computer shops are exempt from the DEP registration requirement, but must abide by the landfill ban. Westmoreland Cleanways' E-Waste Recycling Program is designed to provide this service for small businesses. Contact Westmoreland Cleanways for clarification of which business can be considered "home-based."

Westmoreland County Recycling Coordinator

Westmoreland Cleanways serves as the designated county recycling coordinator through an agreement with Westmoreland County Commissioners. Westmoreland Cleanways four core program areas include:

1. Recycling (public, community-based recycling activities)

2. Recycling Coordinator Activities (technical assistance to municipalities)

3. Illegal Dumping and Litter Abatement

4. Education (school and youth programs, public presentations and displays, multimedia outreach)

Technical Assistance Available:

Recycling Laws
Act 101 of 1988
Act 101 Requirements

Act 140 of 2006
Act 140 Requirements

Act 108 (CDRA) of 2010

“Building Financially Sustainable Recycling Programs:  A Technical Report for Pennsylvania Local Governments”
Prepared on behalf of the PA DEP by R. W. Beck, April 2005

“Reporting Recycling – Back to the Basics” 
- Prepared by the PA DEP, 2010


Illegal Dumping/Littering*

TRAP Program (Tire Recovery Assistance Program):  Assist municipalities with financial assistance to dispose of illegally dumped tires collected along municipal roadways (as funding allows).

Road Adoption Program:  In conjunction with Keep Pennsylvania Beautifulís Adoption Program; provide local assistance to individuals or groups wishing to clean up local municipal roads, parks, waterways, or other public spaces.

Illegal Dumping:  Supports residents who wish to clean up illegal dumpsites by pulling together community resources for supplies, hauling, disposal, and other needs as the project may require.


Special Collection Events*

Household Hazardous Waste Collection (HHW):  Municipal sponsorship allows municipal residents to dispose of HHW at no cost.


*Provisions of Act 140 require municipalities to facilitate projects for illegal dumping/littering and special waste disposal, or to support a private sector organization that does.